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Family pays off $10,000 of laybys

MORE than $10,000 worth of laybys were paid off by a mystery family this week at Hamilton’s Toyworld store.

Hamilton Toyworld’s Anthony Hartwich said the local family made a “generous donation” towards outstanding laybys, spreading Christmas cheer around the town.

“We had a local family come into the store and they decided to make a really generous Christmas gesture and pay off all existing laybys,” he said.

“We had a few people call up to pay off their layby and they were just in shock when we told them.

“People have just been so appreciative, and they were all so grateful for the gesture.

“It was over $10,000 and we had lots of laybys so there have been quite a few happy people ahead of Christmas this year.”

Mr Hartwich said they have never experienced anything like this before.

“After such a tough year we have all had, some positivity is greatly welcomed,” he said.

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