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Community garden continues to provide

THE Portland Community Garden is continuing to supply produce to locals, albeit with some adjustments made to their delivery in the midst of COVID-19.

The homegrown produce is still being tended to by local volunteers who keep the garden in good condition.

While the garden does not have its usual afternoon tea visits or school groups there is still plenty going on according to president Wayne Barrett.

“What we’ve done is gotten our volunteers to make up boxes and sell them depending on product availability,” he said.

“We stagger the pickup times so we don’t have too many people at once then we put the boxes on the table and people can either leave the money in the jar or transfer online and people are bringing their own containers.

“We have plenty going on; with the grants we have received from Pacific Hydro we got large raised garden beds and they’ve just funded another lot this week so that’s great.

“We’ve also got our urban farm area which is busy, and we sell produce from that through Admellas and to people who are regulars.

“It is quite an operation but these days with COVID-19 we don’t have the groups we usually do coming down so it’s much quieter.”

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