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Pathfinder Angus’ border exemptions denied

A GAZETTE farmer has been left frustrated after the South Australian border closure has left him unable to visit some of his farming properties.

Nick Moyle told The Spectator he and his wife, Sara, had applied for an exemption to work on their farming properties in South Australia “at least 10 times”, but had been refused each time.

“It’s very frustrating, because we can’t get to some of our properties and do the important things, like animal husbandry, that we need to do,” he said.

The Moyles run Pathfinder Angus, which has farms across South Australia and Victoria.

While their South Australian properties, near Naracoorte, are within the SA Government’s 40-kilometre cross-border bubble, they have been rejected for a permit because their Gazette farm is outside the bubble.

Mr Moyle said due to the restrictions, he hadn’t been able to go to the SA properties in more than two months.

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