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SOUTHERN Grampians Shire chief executive, Michael Tudball has criticised the State Government’s roadmap out of lockdown calling it “inconsistent” and “damaging”.

He said the roadmap was not only confusing but also lacked any recognition for regional communities that had effectively eliminated the virus.

“There just has been no recognition for the efforts put in by the community, we have all masked up, closed our businesses and cancelled our events,” he said.

“We have stages and steps and honestly I am still confused what the difference is between a stage and step is.”

Shedding some positivity on the roadmap, Mr Tudball said a shining light was the set map out of restrictions.

“I think it’s good and positive that we do now have a map and a plan, and we know where we are heading and what is ahead of us,” he said.

“Everyone that has put this map together should be congratulated for the hard work that has been put into this and the level of detail because it would have been a massive task.”

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