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Making the most of 2020: kicking goals amid the chaos

EVERYONE has dealt with the current coronavirus pandemic in different ways, for local woman Ebony Morrissey she has spent her time focusing on her work, study and health transformation to make the most out of a chaotic year.

The pandemic and lockdown stages were a shock for the 24-year-old, much like everyone else, but after some time to digest the situation, Ms Morrissey decided she wanted to take this time to challenge herself.

It began slowly, with a morning walk every day before work, and has developed into a positive lifestyle change.

Making the most of a tough situation has been a trait for the local sportswoman throughout her life but applying that to her own goals and aspirations was a big focus in lockdown.

“Being a positive person, it’s been relatively easy to keep pushing forward through all this,” she said.

“I’ve just kept my mindset focused on getting fit for when sport returns and pushing to keep ahead of my studies. It has been a bit weird during remote learning but I’m feeling positive in the way schools are handling remote learning.”

The behavioural changes have had a flow on effect for the teacher’s aide with some big results coming out of her newly found motivation.

“Since April 14 I have lost 28.8 kilo which has been life changing and has kept me feeling good throughout this lockdown! I’ve moved onto my second level of study in these few months which has also been rewarding since having that little bit of extra time to study,” she said.

“I’m currently ahead of my study and passing which is also positive. Having something to work towards is making isolation and lockdown easy to look forward to what’s still to come in life.

“Like I said I am very lucky to be still working every day. Being online is a funny feeling, but it’s positive to know that schools can operate still and find ways to still get face to face contact with students and teachers.”

Playing basketball and netball growing up and finding football in the past two years meant Ms Morrissey turned her focus to her fitness in preparation for the potential return or commencement of the sporting competitions.

“I had been talking about losing weight for a long time now and I had a friend who was very supportive and got me into this program. I thought since no one would see me it would be the prime time to work hard and come out and compete better,” she said.

“I have been walking every day, without sport it’s been very hard, I began by just walking and when the gyms re-opened it was good to be able to do other things to keep me fit and active! I have learnt how to eat properly which has given me more energy to keep up with work and life and not be so drained by the end of the day!”

Her positive attitude has been a welcome voice for others during the lockdown period with people following along with her health journey on social media.

“The only advice I can give to people is to live in the moment make the most of what you do have,” she said.

“Find a positive in every day big or small and go with it. Get on and FaceTime family, get some fresh air every day and remember anything is possible.

“Stay safe and healthy and remember Covid will not last forever and we are all in this together.”

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