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A NEW wave of tiny tenants is making people smile all over the world and now a whole community of ‘Spoonys’ have found a home in Casterton.

The very first Spoonville was started in the English village of Winnersh, by a very creative local, who came up with the idea of making Spoony characters from wooden spoons as a way of cheering up her local community during Covid-19 lockdown.

Created by dressing wooden spoons and giving them costumes, faces and – inevitably – personalities, the craze went viral on social media and it was not long before a teacher from Longwarry, right here in Victoria, saw the posts and created the very first Aussie Spoonville.

Casterton Primary School has now joined the global Spoonville movement, with a little village popping up at the school this week.

Full story in today's CN.

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