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HOSPITALITY venues across regional Victoria will once again welcome back patrons from today as the regions move into the third step of the roadmap out of lockdown.

After a tough few months, Roxburgh House manager, Gary Carpenter said his initial response was “gratitude” and was thankful for the eased restrictions.

“The announcement will mean we can start to reopen and reconnect with patrons and slowly restart the heart of hospitality so to speak … I think we’re all pretty excited to reopen,” he said.

Under the third step, hospitality venues will be permitted to offer only table service, subject to individual density requirements and a have two-hour booking limit.

Indoor service venues can operate with two seating spaces with a cap of 10 seated patrons per space, with density requirements of four-square metres per person. Outdoor service venues have a cap of 50 seated patrons, subject to density requirements of one person per two-square metres.

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