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Year 12s to get ATARs December 30

NEW Year’s Eve celebrations will look a little different this year for many Year 12 students, with VTAC confirming the 2020 cohort would receive its ATAR results on December 30.

Year 12 students normally receive their results by December 18, with schools often holding sessions for emotional support and career counselling soon after.

Monivae College principal, Jonathon Rowe said support staff would be on site for their students who wanted to come in to discuss their results.

“It is certainly something that is a challenge for us, because of the timing results come out compared to normal years,” he said.

“It just means that some of our staff that wouldn’t be available at that time would be making themselves available for the students around December 30-31 and early January.

“It is an inconvenience as all of our staff are usually on holidays at that time but we really have to rely on the good will of some of our staff and who are still in Hamilton, particularly our head of senior school and careers coordinator.”

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