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Region on track to take “small steps forward”

WITH regional cases remaining consistently in single digits, the regions may be able to take a “small steps forward” to reopening if COVID-19 case numbers are more “stubborn” in metro Melbourne than expected.

Speaking with regional media this week, premier, Daniel Andrews said if metropolitan case numbers stayed above the rolling average and did not meet key threshold targets for the next step, then regional Victoria could see an easing of restrictions.   

“If Melbourne is more stubborn than we had thought, we will give a very detailed consideration to regional Victoria, perhaps, taking some further small steps, so that we can continue to have activity and jobs and better sense of recovery in regional Victoria,” he said.

“We won't have (the regions) held back by some of the challenges we’ve faced in Melbourne.

“We had originally forecast to try and keep Melbourne and regional Victoria as closely aligned as possible, because that then means you can get rid of that border and you can have more freedom of movement.

“As soon as we can map out what any potential future stages look like and timing around that, we absolutely will but safety first, because we don't want to fritter away all the good work that regional Victoria, both families, communities and businesses, have done.”

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