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Hats off to the country girls

TODAY, women make up 34 per cent of employees in the agricultural sector and are estimated to provide one third of all on-farm income and 84 per cent of off-farm income.

The number of women enrolled in agriculture, environmental and related tertiary courses is also increasing to 56 per cent as an additional 18,445 female graduates are expected to enter the workforce compared to 13,646 males according to an ANZ report.

Thursday marked International Rural Women’s Day (IDRW) and although hampered by COVID-19, the day still celebrated the trailblazing rural women who are taking on key leadership roles in agriculture.

Although face-to-face celebrations were put on hold across the south-west, founder of Rural Women’s Day (RWD), Jackie Elliot said she decided to commemorate the day a little differently.

Together with Hamilton creative, Georgie Morrison, the team created a national magazine celebrating the accomplishments of rural and regional women across Australia and New Zealand.

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