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Beef boom

WITH short odds for a vendors’ market, the combined agents Casterton Spring Store Cattle Sale did not disappoint, paying top dividends for local producers.

 A smaller yarding of around 700 head saw the market continue to strengthen on the back of record prices at Hamilton just over a week ago and a strong Mortlake market, this week, driven by grass fever and restocker demand.

Grown heifers sold to a top of $1932p/h, average 422.2c/kg while buyers paid a top of 530c/kg for weaner steers.

Nutrien Ag Casterton auctioneer and agent, Rick Smith said a “huge field of buyers”, both at the yards and via online service AuctionsPlus, showed the market was “on a high”.

“We got 426c/kg for a pen of Black Baldies from Dinwooly, Boonaroo heifers got to 455c/kg for the tops, 462 or 463c/kg for seconds for a good weight – they’ve gone back to the paddock over the border – and 526c/kg for steers would be a record,” he said.

“The prices we’re seeing throughout the whole yarding would never have been experienced in these yards … it’s a good result for our vendors.”

Full story and sale stats in today's Casterton News

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