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Reopen in sight

CROSS-BORDER communities will no longer be required to have a weekly COVID-19 test from this week, as the South Australian premier announced the potential opening of the border within a fortnight.

Cross Border Call Out Facebook page founder, Paula Gust said the new rules were great for both Victorians and South Australians living in cross-border communities. 

“This is really good news for the community and we never really had a clue that this would be coming so it was a big surprise to many people, and I believe lots of people will be relieved,” she said.

“It’s another step forward and it’s still progression which is wonderful.”

Ms Gust said there was still confusion around the directives.

She said it was only the class of cross-border community members who were exempt from the COVID testing, with other essential traveller permit holders still required to have their weekly test.

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