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Galleries, museums and more to open across Victoria

HAMILTON Gallery will reopen this week, after a significant easing of Victorian COVID-19 restrictions.

Artistic director, Joshua White told The Spectator he was looking forward to welcoming back the community.

“It will be nice to open once again to the public, it’s one of those things that was difficult because we completely understood why we were closed and it was for the safety of the community,” he said.

“Now that we have been given the green light and we can open; we are so excited.”

Mr White said the gallery would officially reopen on Friday.

“We will be open on Friday, just before the weekend and we are looking forward to welcoming families, kids and locals back to experience the exhibitions,” he said.    

“We are looking forward to the tourism market coming back and seeing people walk through the gallery once again.

“Also, for not only the metro Melbourne and regional divide to come down but also all other borders, we can’t wait to start having a close relationships with galleries in other states again.”

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