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Border blocks create family heartache

JANUARY 11 marked Remi Watt’s first birthday – a celebration that saw everyone in the family come together in Hamilton, including her aunty, Maryke McPherson, who made the drive down from Adelaide.

When saying goodbye, Remi’s mum, Rebecca and sister, Maryke, who at the time were both pregnant, planned to visit each other again before they gave birth.  

Little did they know the next few months would see tough lockdowns and international and state border closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I wouldn't see her again for the remainder of her pregnancy or in fact for nearly 11 months and still counting,” Rebecca said. 

Maryke gave birth to her first child, Holly Annabel McPherson, on June 4 in Adelaide.

At the time, Victoria was coming out of its first lockdown and Rebecca said, “there was talk of the borders opening in a few weeks’ time”.

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