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Vic locks SA out

FROM Sunday, a new permit system will be come into effect for anyone travelling from South Australia into Victoria.

Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews announced on Thursday a “hard border” would be in place for two days before a permit system was introduced from Sunday.

Victoria’s acting chief health officer, Allen Cheng said the decision to close the border came after several “concerning developments” on Wednesday.

Fragments of the virus detected in wastewater samples from Portland and Benalla were also factors into the decision. 

Mr Cheng said the permit system would reflect the restrictions in SA.

“You can come over the border from SA to Victoria if you are permitted to leave your home in SA,” he said.

“The permit system is still being developed, but reasons to enter Victoria will include shopping for essential supplies, receiving medical care and performing agricultural or essential work.”

Mr Andrews said the border would not be closed “any longer than it needs to be”.

He said with community transmission occurring in SA and in light of the wastewater test results along freight routes in Victoria, the government was following public health advice.

Cross Border Call Out Facebook Page founder, Paula Gust said she was taken back by the announcement.

Ms Gust said she firmly believed the decision a “city-centric” approach.

“All this has done is cause panic, chaos and angst among cross-border residents,” she said

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