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30 christmas guests

HOUSEHOLDS will be able to host up to 30 guests for Christmas this year, under eased restrictions announced by premier, Daniel Andrews, on Sunday.

The restrictions on household visitors was eased from two to 15 on Monday and the premier announced it would ease further on December 14 to allow for families to come together for Christmas.

Mr Andrews said the changes would allow households to host up to 30 visitors each day.

“I know that will be a large enough number for some families, and for others they will need to do some juggling, but … that is very important for … those end-of-year family get-togethers and functions,” he said.

“That is a big step forward, and I don't know that we could two or three or four months ago ever have really been that confident that we would get to that number.

“It is a testament to the amazing job that Victorians have done and continue to do.”

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