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Empowering the next gen

WITH a life full of unique experiences and a strong connection to the natural world, Suzan Muir is sharing her wisdom with young women through a new program called Resilient Girls.

Ms Muir said the program focussed on celebrating girls’ strengths and exploring some of the challenges they may face as they start to negotiate adolescence.

“It’s also about developing a strong and adaptable sense of self which is deeply embedded in community and the natural world,” she said.

Over a 10-month period, the group meets once a month to discuss age-appropriate topics and complete a range of physical based activities.

“We usually do something physical like archery or orientation with a map and compass in the bush to find treasure. We do a reflective process after that,” she said.

“We sit in council together and there is a theme and a number of questions. Everyone has a chance to reflect on the theme and the opportunity to express their views.

“We always discuss something that is relevant to them and their lives as young women.

“For example, one theme was, Your Superheroine Self, where we were looking at each girl’s strength, discovering new strengths that they might not yet be aware of and developing aspects of those.”

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