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Tehan officially delivers Sheepvention’s $70k

THE Hamilton Pastoral and Agricultural Society (P&A) will receive a $70,000 funding boost from the Federal Government to ease financial pressure after it was forced to cancel its annual Sheepvention event.

Wannon MP, Dan Tehan said Sheepvention was one of 378 agricultural shows around the country to receive funding under the $34 million Supporting Agricultural Shows and Field Days program.

“It’s really great news to announce the funding and (the Hamilton P&A Society) do a wonderful job with Sheepvention which brings people from all over Australia,” he said.

“It’s great for the town, it’s great for the people and great for the local community, and it is great that we are able to support them so we can have Sheepvention next year if all is going well in a COVID-safe way and keep what has been a wonderful, wonderful event in Hamilton continue to run in the future.”

Mr Tehan said it was “incredibly important” to support local agricultural shows. “Agricultural shows make up such an important role of country communities and they bring people together,” he said

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