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Farmers outraged by proposed dingo plan

A VICTORIA Valley farming family is calling on the community to oppose a plan to reintroduce dingoes into the Grampians National Park.

Rock-Bank Merino and Poll Merino principals, John and Rhonda Crawford have started a petition in opposition to the proposed project, which they said would have disastrous impacts on the local sheep and wool industry.

The Crawfords said they were shocked last month when they were told a draft landscape management plan created by Parks Victoria in collaboration with Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation, Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation and Barengi Gadjin Land Council Aboriginal Corporation had recommended reintroducing dingoes to the national park, which backs onto their farm.

The Greater Gariwerd Draft Landscape Management Plan identifies the reintroduction of native animals, including dingoes, eastern quolls, spot-tailed quolls and eastern-barred bandicoots, as a medium-term priority to conserve and enhance the natural and cultural values of the landscape.

The report states the reintroduction of dingoes, which are considered extinct in Victoria, would help control pest species in the Grampians.

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