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Connection Café reconnects

THE Connection Café enjoyed a return to normality on Monday, welcoming customers back for its Christmas Lunch.

Pastor Phil Baker of Grace Fellowship, the café’s primary support, said it was a “terrific” event.

“We do it every year, we haven’t had it in the station at all this year, so it is good to have it back.

“A lot of folks they are not doing too badly but they appreciate the company.”

In a normal year, the Connection Café would provide a sit-down lunch on Monday and Friday, but the Christmas Lunch was the first time since COVID-19 started that guests could enjoy a meal together.

Takeaways are always available, but the main reason for coming to the station was to see friends and meet new people, meaning this Christmas celebration was even more special for people who had not been able to catch up or enjoy the space like usual.

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