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Mental health experts give tips for festive season

MENTAL health is an important subject all year round, but the holiday season can amplify stress in many ways.

Health professionals and advocates have reiterated the importance of taking steps to both reduce pressure for themselves, but also to come alongside those who are vulnerable or affected. 

With the south-west region including many farmers who have their own unique burdens to deal with, The Spectator has put together a range of advice for all people to consider at this time of year.

National Centre for Farmer Health director, Susan Brumby said there were several things people could do to make this part of the year less likely to cause issues, starting with practical help surrounding celebrations.

“Trying to share tasks around so if you’ve got family coming to stay or extended family, ask them to help with either the food or the catering,” she said.

“For farmers often there’s quite a lot of pressure on farms, there’s often water problems; livestock, if you’ve got sheep there can be fly strike problems; with cropping and haymaking there can still be pressures on farms because of that.

“Obviously family coming home and relatives coming to visit can also put additional stresses, those are the kind of day-to-day pressures that can become really acute.”

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