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PhD a “labour of love” for Dr Hill

BAIMBRIDGE College deputy principal, John Hill, recently completed his PhD, and in lieu of a proper graduation ceremony to complete the eight-year “labour of love”, former education minister and Wannon MP, Dan Tehan, personally congratulated him.

The post-graduate research project explored strategies for making physical education in schools impactful and individually relevant to each student.

“My passion with Phys Ed is how to personalise the learning in a practical environment that is quite often group based, whereas all the classroom strategies for teaching that are researched are all about that individual classroom environment,” Dr Hill said.

“That became really interesting to me while I was lecturing pre-service Phys Ed teachers, because it was a real push from the department about how it is so important to treat everyone as an individual and find out all about them.

“That is all lovely in a classroom but in Phys Ed, quite often you have group responsibilities – if you don’t do the right thing in a team environment it creates issues, you can’t be all about yourself.”

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