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Local businesses thriving

HAMILTON businesses are experiencing roaring trade as tourists flock to the Greater Hamilton region.

Traditionally a quieter period, as locals make the trip south to enjoy the beach, it seems COVID-19 may have created a change in trend.

Gray Street parks are full, the supermarkets are bustling, and business is booming.

Blue Malt Restaurant and Hamilton Lakeside Takeaway owner, Peter Yole said both his businesses had been experiencing a roaring trade.

“It has been busier at both businesses than we expected,” he said.

Mr Yole said after a tough year with COVID-19 lockdowns, it was great to be back in business and busy.

“It’s been good to be busy,” he told The Spectator.

“There’s been a lot (of customers) from Melbourne, but we’re getting a lot from South Australia … but most of them are from Melbourne way or even Geelong or Ballarat.”

Mr Yole said he had noticed different trends in clientele this year, with locals ticking around and a much more relaxed feeling from visitors.

“I have never seen it this busy before Christmas and even after, this week has been busier than I’ve seen before,” he said.

“We’re finding also, people are more relaxed which is good.

“People are usually stressed during the Christmas period, but they’re (customers) more conscious that we are so busy that obviously the wait time will be a bit longer.

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