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New Year resolutions expert tips

STICKING to New Year’s resolutions for more than just a few weeks can be accomplished according to one of Hamilton’s top fitness and lifestyle trainers.

Empowerfit owner, Clinton Thomas has had 20 years of helping people with healthier choices and with his Bachelor of Applied Science in human movement, he was well placed to speak about avoiding good intentions falling flat by February.

He said it was vital to start by thoroughly examining your own reasons for wanting to make changes.

“The first and the most important thing is to really understand your ‘why’,” Mr Thomas said.

“And what I mean by that is when people say they want to get back in shape, it’s important to ask, why is that important?

“And once people answer this question genuinely and why they want to lose some weight and why is that important, it may be that they want to feel better in their clothes, for example, but once you ask this about four or five times, you start to get to the true emotional drive.”

It was also important to consider what will keep you on track over an extended period. 

Mr Thomas said a lot of people get unstuck at this point looking for inspiration a few weeks in and need “to understand the difference between motivation and discipline”.

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