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Weaner sales to kick off on Monday

HAMILTON’S annual weaner sales will return on Monday with 13,500 cattle expected to pass through the Hamilton Regional Livestock Exchange (HRLX) over the course of the week.

The five sales will again be completed in the one week, a format that has worked well for the past two years and will begin at 12pm Victorian time.

This will be the first year the sales will take place under the new $1.8 million roof, which is hoped to attract more buyers and sellers throughout the week.

It is expected this year’s prices will be around the 400-500c/kg mark, much higher than those of last year.

Weights are also likely to increase, with calves over 400kg expected due to the mild winter and great spring period. Nutrien Ag agent, Sam Savin said the Hamilton and District Stock Agents Association had teamed up with online selling format, AuctionsPlus, to “widen the buying scale” and is likely to attract northern buyers.

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