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Dearest sales yet

MONDAY’S annual weaner sales saw 3464 angus steers sold through the Hamilton Regional Livestock Exchange (HRLX) with record prices recorded.

Agents said pre-Christmas sales indicated prices would sit around 400-500c/kg, however the consistently high prices smashed expectations. 

Agents agreed the first two days of sales were the dearest ever to be held in the Hamilton yards, smashing 2017 prices - which they deemed exceptional at the time.

It also exceeded all expectations, grossing more than $6 million for the day.

“It’s the dearest sale that’s ever been held in these yards and that there will be in a long time I’d say,” Southern Grampians Livestock and Real Estate agent, Heath Templeton said.

The prices on day one sat strongly at an average of 494c/kg.

The average weight was slightly up from last year, sitting at 353kg, and the average price per head was $1743.

JM Ellis and Co kicked the day off with a draft of 23 418kg steers from Camp Creek, which sold for 486c/kg or $2035p/hd, setting the tone for the day.

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