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Fencing segregation

A DUNKELD resident has been left frustrated by a Parks Victoria plan to build fences along the Grampians Peaks Trail and said it would limit “useful access” to a section of his property.

Dion Ross said he was concerned after Parks Victoria contacted him late last year and informed him it planned to build fences on either side of the walking track, which cuts through his 18-hectare property to the west of Dunkeld.

The fences would limit “practical” access to around four hectares on the northern side of the property for the 100 sheep that graze on the land, he said.

“Fencing off the property makes no sense to me … there’s no logical reason why it has to be done,” Mr Ross said.

Mr Ross said the walking track, which connects the Dunkeld township to Mount Sturgeon and follows the path of a creek, was put in more than 30 years ago through an agreement between his father and Dunkeld Pastoral Company.

About five years ago the land on either side of the creek, including the path, was compulsorily acquired by the Southern Grampians Shire for the Grampians Peak Trail, but Mr Ross said he had not been informed the land would later be fenced.

“All along I’ve been supportive of this walking track – I think it’s a great idea,” he said.

“I was quite happy to give up the land around the creek, and I even gave a little bit more than required to ensure the existing track was within the shire reserve.

“But I was always under the impression that there wasn’t going to be a fence there … which made me comfortable with supporting what was being done.”

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