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Record breaking weaner sales week concludes

“UNBELIEVABLE”, “sensational”, and “phenomenal” were just a few of the words used to describe last week’s annual weaner sales.

Friday saw the last day of a very successful 2021 weaner sales at the Hamilton Regional Livestock Exchange, (HRLX) with independent agents auctioning 1776 heifers to conclude the week.

The week was a huge success for all involved and provided the dearest sales recorded in Hamilton, with the week’s average for both steers and heifers combined, sitting at more than 500c/kg.

At the beginning of Friday’s proceedings, Kerr and Co agent, Zac Van Wegen, recognised the great week of sales for buyers and sellers.

In the second hot day of the week, the HRLX galley was full with many attending to see the line of heifers for sale.

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