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Retiree returns to the books

IT is unusual for someone to retire from a long career and go right back to university, but that is exactly what former Baimbridge College vice-principal, Rosemary Morgan did last year.

She started at Baimbridge College in Hamilton in 1991 and retired in 2018, and before then spent 17 years teaching French and English in Melbourne.

“It was a long teaching career,” she said.

“After I retired, I did a year teaching at Good Shepherd as well which was a lovely experience.”

In her first years at university, she studied a Bachelor of Arts and a diploma of education, and throughout her classroom years she completed a Master of Education and a doctorate to further her career.

“But as soon as I finished that I thought all of a sudden, ‘I want to do something really different’,” she said.

So, as if she did not already have enough to do, with English classes to teach and vice-principal responsibilities, Rosemary pursued a “deeper interest” and began learning Latin and classical Greek through the secondary school system.

“I always felt it was a part of my education that was lacking,” she said.

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