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Storm damage delays new store opening

HAMILTON’S Brown Bird Haus will reopen in its original store after moving efforts to the new location were hampered by last week’s storm.

Owner, Deb Hintum said although the damage had been a disappointing setback, she was still eager to continue trading and offer her services from her original store in the meantime.

“Due to mother nature and circumstances out of our control, unfortunately we have had some minor setbacks and we have had to push back moving into the new store,” she said.

“We are just in the process of getting the building ready and we are so thankful that our building team have been so supportive and fabulous during this process.”

Ms Hintum hoped she could move into the new Gray Street space in the coming months.

Excited about the opportunity to expand her business, she said the larger space would allow her to showcase more products.

“We will now be able to offer more of what we are doing and offer producers and products in a larger way,” she said. 

“The Scullions building is an icon of Hamilton and always will be, it’s such a fabulous space and it is perfect for our business, we are quite privileged that we can bring some life back to that beautiful building. 

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