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Campe’s Motor Museum, a hidden gem

CAMPE’S Motor Museum is truly one of Hamilton’s hidden gems and with over 120 motor vehicles, it is a dream come true for any motor enthusiast.

It is easy to get carried away and spend hours in the Coleraine Road shed, looking at all the wonderful and diverse items on display.

Glen and Margaret Campe have collections of everything from cars and motorbikes to typewriters and cameras.

The museum was founded over three decades ago and has consistently gained memorabilia over time, filling out what is now a full shed.

All 120 motor vehicles are owned by Glen and Margaret and are all in impeccable working condition.

Each item holds its own unique story of the glory days, when it was in use, and how it came to end up there. Glen’s favourite vehicle in the shed is the original 1955 Ansett Clipper Bus, which is fully decked out with a kitchen, table and television.

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