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Local firies cross the border to help contain blaze

TWO CFA strike teams made up of volunteer firefighters have returned home after helping South Australia’s Country Fire Service’s (CFS) respond to a large grassfire at Blackford in the state’s south-east.

The Blackford fire, which burnt over 14,000 hectares started burning Monday afternoon with hot, windy and dry conditions quickly causing the fire to burn out of control, towards Avenue and Lucindale.

A request was made for support from the CFA as part of cross-border arrangements between South Australia and Victoria, and a strike team travelled from CFA District 17 on Monday evening for a night shift.

It was made up of volunteer firefighters from Apsley group, Bringalbert South, Dergholm, Karnak and Neuarpurr fire brigades.

Another strike team made up by volunteer firefighters from Digby, Merino, Wando Bridge and Sandford fire brigades, travelled from CFA’s District 4 on Tuesday morning.

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