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NEW hands have taken over Bellcourt Books as long-term owners, Guy and Sue Stephens, sold the store in anticipation of their retirement.

The couple took on the business in July 2003, and now Cathy and Caitlin Taber, a mother-daughter team from Horsham, continue its legacy.

Ms Stephens said after more than 17 years, she and her husband were looking forward to leaving the workforce but would miss looking after the bookstore and its clientele.

“I just love opening boxes of books, I love shelving them, I love handling them, I love the smell, I just love books,” Ms Stephens said.

“We have had many loyal customers over the years, they are always a joy, always different and always have a different perspective.”

Mr Stephens said he appreciated the recent kind words from the public and had enjoyed the many warm comments from visitors over the years.

“As the word spread that we are selling up, we have had a lot of compliments saying we are so lucky to have a great bookshop in a town the size of Hamilton,” Mr Stephens said.\

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