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Vaccine to roll out soon

THE Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has declared the Pfizer vaccine safe for use in Australia, with the first phase of the vaccine roll out expected to begin in the Southern Grampians in the coming months.

For several weeks, regional healthcare providers have been meeting to ensure the speedy, safe, and equitable roll out of COVID-19 vaccines across the Barwon South West area.

Western District Health Service (WHDS) chief executive, Rohan Fitzgerald said depending on availability, the health service expected to begin its staff and resident vaccination program in March.

“The first regional vaccinations will reduce the risk of healthcare workers, patients and aged care residents contracting the virus,” he said.

“Initially we expect to vaccinate over 350 staff and 160 aged care residents.”

During ‘phase one’ the Pfizer vaccine will be offered to those most in need of protection, with each recipient requiring two doses, at least three weeks apart.

Groups included in the initial roll out include hospital workers, aged care and disability residents and staff, quarantine and border workers.

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