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Improving education this World Cancer Day

AROUND 130 people from the Southern Grampians Shire are diagnosed with cancer each year, with 52 locals losing their lives to the disease according to new data from the Victorian Cancer Registry Data.

Today marks World Cancer Day, a global initiative that raises worldwide awareness and improves education around cancer preventatives. 

This year’s theme, ‘I Am, and I Will’ is about you and your commitment to act, as people are encouraged to reflect on what they could to do reduce the impact of cancer for themselves, their community and the wider world.

The new data suggested cancer was a leading cause of disease in Victoria with 98 new diagnoses each day – or one every 15 minutes.

Of the new cancer cases in Southern Grampians Shire each year, an average of 10 people are diagnosed with lung cancer, 11 with melanoma, 19 with bowel cancer, 12 with breast cancer and 19 with prostate cancer.

Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) chief executive, Todd Harper said CCV was encouraging every Victorian to act this World Cancer Day.

“Whether it’s going to get your cancer screening done that you’ve been putting off, making a call to the Quitline, or remembering your hat and being sun smart, there’s so many actions – big and small – that we can all take to reduce our cancer risk,” he said.

“In 2020 many Victorians delayed general health check-ups and screening because they were nervous about visiting doctors due to COVID-19.

“I urge all Southern Grampians Shire locals that now is the time to put you and your health back at the top of your ‘to do’ list.”

Mr Harper said one third of cancers could be prevented with simple lifestyle changes such as getting checked, being sun smart, maintaining a healthy weight, limiting alcohol, eating a balanced diet, being physically active and not smoking.

He said cancer screening saves lives and was one of the most effective ways to detect the early signs of cancer, when successful treatment was more likely.

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