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Carnival set to hit town

FAMILY fun is coming to Hamilton with a carnival at the showgrounds this weekend.

Cetek owner, Christine Woodall and husband, Emile, invited locals to come out and enjoy their first venture to the town with the carnival’s many attractions.

“It’s our first time coming to Hamilton, we’ve done the carnival at Warrnambool for 38 years,” she said.

“The last event we worked was Moomba and then after Moomba our industry got shut down.

“We hadn't worked until we’ve done the carnival at Warrnambool this year and we had to do it on a much smaller basis because of COVID-19.”

Both Ms Woodall and her husband’s families have four generations of involvement in the circus and travelling entertainment industry and were facing no further work due to the cancelation of various agricultural shows.

They decided to think outside the box and look to nearby towns.

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