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Community gathers to discuss Ryan Corner Wind Farm

AROUND 70 people attended a community meeting on Tuesday night regarding the Ryan Corner Wind Farm.

Community members heard from guest speakers from surrounding shires about their own experiences and discussed the introduction of private independent acoustic studies.

The “one off” meeting held in Orford was organised by local community members and was spread though “word of mouth”.

Ryan Corner community members said “little information” was known about the project and believed it was important to run the meeting to share different stories and views.

“It was a really good roll out and the whole community were there to hear from different speakers sharing their personal experiences with wind farms,” one community member told The Spectator.

“We spoke about landholders doing private background acoustic studies and completing wind farm noise monitoring.

“There will be around 10 to 20 tests completed and paid for from individual landholders which will be completely independent from the wind farm company and the Moyne Shire.”

Many stories were shared at the meeting regarding the difficulties of living with turbines close to homes.

“We need them, just not so close to our homes,” another community member said.

“It’s not that we are all against them, it’s just we need to get all of the information and how it will affect those in their homes.”

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