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Move to uni a “waiting game”

IF the countless weeks of remote learning weren’t enough for last year’s high school graduates, the COVID-19 pandemic is now threatening to delay the start of their tertiary education.

Local Riley Alexander was one of the many teens forced to put university plans on hold in light of the stage four lockdown, describing the situation as a “waiting game”.

Riley’s Saturday was meant to be spent travelling to Melbourne, moving onto campus and getting familiar with the university – instead he was forced to spend the day in lockdown at home.

“Saturday was move in day with information sessions and other introductory activities planned,” he told The Spectator.

“I was definitely looking forward to moving in and as you say starting a new chapter, having lived in the country my whole life, I'm really excited to see the dichotomy between country and city life firsthand.”

Friday’s announcement sent students all around the state into a panic, uncertain of what this meant for their move and start of orientation week.

Riley said that he had planned to leave on Saturday morning, so he was lucky to still be at home when he heard the news.

“I was virtually packed and ready when the announcement came,” he said.

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