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Resort backers hit back at claims of foreign ownership

THE developers behind the proposed $85 million Cape Bridgewater resort have responded to claims by objectors that the project could end up being a front for Chinese investment.

Australian Tourism Group is seeking to develop the resort, which is planned to have 88 hotel rooms in four separate buildings and 18 one- and two-bedroom villas.

ATG is made up of the Australian Tourism Trust, its corporate trustee, and various subsidiaries.

The project has attracted objections, largely from the Save Cape Bridgewater Association, which has more than 300 members and has a list of concerns relating to its location, as well as questioning the modelling behind the project.

Those arguments will be played out in front of Planning Panels Victoria’s Priority Projects Standing Advisory Committee, with an anticipated three-week hearing scheduled from May 31.

However, there have been other issues raised outside the hearing process, including the make-up of the developers.

Among the claims made by objectors to the resort, one has been that ATG is effectively a front for what will eventually be Chinese ownership of the project.

But Geoff Proctor, one of the shareholders in ATG, said this was not the case.

“It’s all Australian funds that have done the work on this and the other (ATG) projects,” the timber industry veteran told the Observer.


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