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New stores fill CBD

SHOPFRONTS are being snapped up across the Greater Hamilton region as many locals look to take the next step in their small business ventures.

One of those is Margo and Sage, a new homewares shop owned by local hairdresser, Talia Cameron.

Located on Gray Street, Ms Cameron said the store had been in the works for “a long time”.

“I just thought with the sudden loss of Jan (her step-mother), it had to be now, and you never really know what is around the corner anymore,” she said.

“That prompted me to open the business although it has not been exactly the best time during a pandemic.”

Ms Cameron said the business name was inspired by her loved ones.

“Margo is short for my mum, Margret and my step-mum was also named Margret, so I just knew in my mind that I wanted to do this,” she said.

“It’s been my dream to always have this shop and to do it Hamilton and having mum and Jan part of it is massive and there has been lots of support.”

Hoping to open in March, Ms Cameron said it had been a difficult process due to the pandemic.

She said troubles with suppliers and gathering stock had not made it “easy” to open on time.

“COVID isn’t helping me at all as I have two big suppliers who are based out of Western Australia and currently, I am unable to get access to all of their stock until May,” she said.

“I am now hoping that I can gather enough stock to get me through the next three months and by the time May comes around, we will be stocked up.”

The store will specialise in home furnishings, rugs, pots and general homewares with weekly deliveries of fresh flowers and a dried flower bar.

Ms Cameron said it had been great to see so many new businesses popping up around Hamilton.

“It’s really good to see and I can’t wait to see how they all good, I know Brown Bird Haus is moving to Gray Street and it will just be really great to see more shops open on the main street,” she said.

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