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McArdle pleads guilty

A FORMER Hamilton man who punched a woman in the face and broke her nose has been fined $2000 and ordered to undertake anger management counselling in court this week.

Gary McArdle, 50, now of South Australia, pleaded guilty in the Hamilton Magistrates Court to one charge recklessly causing injury to the woman on December 1, 2019.

The court heard the pair had attended the victim’s work Christmas party the night before and got into an argument while lying in bed about 12.30am.

Police prosecutor leading senior constable, Gary Steel said during the argument, McArdle verbally abused the woman and then pushed her out of the bed, causing her to hit her elbow on a windowsill.

As she got up off the floor, they continued to argue, before McArdle punched her in the face.

Ldg Sen Const Steel said the punch broke the victim’s nose, caused her nose to bleed heavily, and left her with swelling under her right eye.

The victim left and told her mother about the incident, who then reported it to police, Ldg Sen Const Steel said.

McArdle had previously indicated he would contest the charges and his lawyer, Xavier Farrelly said he disputed how the assault happened.

Mr Farrelly said McArdle admitted there had been an argument but he denied pushing her out of the bed.

He also said McArdle only hit the victim because she “pleaded” for him to.

Mr Farrelly said McArdle had since moved back to South Australia and was remorseful for the incident, having apologised to the victim.

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