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Old Scullion’s building given new life

BROWN Bird Haus has been rapidly growing and evolving over the past three years and today is no different as it starts its journey on Gray Street.

Owner, Deb Hintum said it has been a “long and hard” process but seeing the final product had made it all worth it.

“It’s quite rewarding to see how far we have come, and it’s been a big job but to start a business from scratch and see it evolve over time is something special,” she said.

“It feels great to see lots of hard work pay off.”

Ms Hintum said she had been asked often if a name change was ever on the cards but said it was important to pay homage to its roots and where it all began.

She now looked forward to seeing the store grow and flourish in its new space.

“Everyone involved has all worked hard to grow the brand over the past three years,” she said. 

“We are just so excited to bring new things to Hamilton, keep doing what we are doing and keeping things well-priced and it is just great to enjoy what we do.

“I am thrilled to see the finished product, and I feel really lucky to have all the people who have been involved in this process and they have been amazing to work with and they made it really easy.”

Ms Hintum said she had always aspired to open a larger store.

“I have always had big dreams for the store and always felt that we would grow into a store like this, but it was finding the right space, and this is perfect for us,” she said.

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