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Mental health in “crisis mode”

THE state’s mental health system is in “crisis mode” according to the final report from Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System.

The 3195-page report into the “overwhelmed” system was released on Tuesday, outlining 65 recommendations that will establish a blueprint to transform mental health support and care to make it accessible, flexible and responsive.

Of the 65 recommendations, some included supporting good mental health and wellbeing through a newly established Mental Health and Wellbeing Cabinet Subcommittee; developing “safe spaces” and crisis respite facilities for adults and young people, which are designed to help people with personal experience of psychological distress and establish dozens of local adult, youth and child mental health services in a variety of locations;  and reducing the need for people to travel a long way from home for support.

Royal commission chairperson, Penny Armytage handed down the inquiry’s findings to parliament and said the state’s mental health system was “depleted and broken”.

“The system has catastrophically failed to live up to expectations and is woefully unprepared for current and future challenges,” she said.

“Victoria’s mental health system – once admired as the most progressive in our nation – has catastrophically failed to live up to expectations.

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