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Great turnout at Art and Photography Exhibition

PENSHURST’S annual Art and Photography Exhibition saw “hundreds” of people visit the Penshurst Hall to view an array of art and photography over the weekend.

The event, organised by Tom and Ama Cooke, included contributions from many talented locals with the display open from Friday to Sunday.

Ms Cooke was very pleased with the turnout which was about “three times the size of last year”.

“It was fabulous, we had hundreds of people come out over the weekend and we sold over 13 artworks,” she told The Spectator.

“We got so much great feedback, the artists and people that attended are all looking forward to next year.”

COVID-19 protocols were adhered to, with all visitors required to scan QR codes and socially distance themselves.

“There were some really awesome artworks, the show is designed not just for artists, but it is also designed for everyday people to display their artwork,” she said.

“We sold some of the beautiful artworks that come from people who don’t think they can paint or are taking a chance by entering the competition.”

Award winners were announced on Friday night.

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