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Brown spared jail for ram raid

A HAMILTON man who was high on methamphetamine and GHB when he deliberately crashed through a Warrnambool shopping centre has been spared a jail sentence in the County Court this week.

Tyrone Brown, 32, faced the Melbourne County Court on Wednesday to be sentenced over a ram raid at Warrnambool’s Gateway Plaza, which caused almost $200,000 worth of damage.

Judge, Gavan Meredith placed Brown on a three-year good behaviour bond and a 12-month community corrections order, which included 180 hours of unpaid community work.

Judge Meredith told Brown he had given him “the keys to your own cell door” and he would likely be jailed if he committed another offence in the next three years.

Brown’s co-accused, Penshurst man, Levi Tihi, 25, was sentenced to nine months in jail and a two-year community corrections order last November over the incident, but Brown’s sentencing was deferred to allow him to continue drug rehabilitation.

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