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Modified event takes place of Sheepvention

SHEEPVENTION is off the calendar for a second straight year due to the COVID-9 pandemic, but a new smaller event will take its place for this year.

The Hamilton Pastoral and Agricultural Society announced this week it would host a modified event, called Sheep Connect, at the Hamilton Showgrounds on August 2 and 3 in Sheepvention’s place.

While public gathering restrictions still make it impossible to host a regular Sheepvention, Sheep Connect will include attractions such as trade sites, a conference and a merino ram sale.

“The committee is still steadfast that a Sheepvention format isn’t possible this year but easing of restrictions has made the committee re-think their original ideas for this year,” Sheepvention president, Kathryn Robertson said.

“At this stage we will run one event on the usual Sheepvention dates. This isn’t Sheepvention though.

“There won’t be any large trade marquees this year but exhibitors can take up their own marquee package or opt to exhibit in the pavilion.

“We are anticipating that we will attract 5000 people per day.”

However Sheep Connect won’t include other Sheepvention favourites, such as the fashion parade, yard dog competitions, the inventions competition and the Hamilton and Western District Sheep Show.

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