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Looking at long-term future of Hamilton transport network

THE Southern Grampians Shire and the State Government have come together to fund a develop a long-term strategy for the future of Hamilton’s transport network.

Southern Grampians Shire acting infrastructure director, Belinda Johnson said the $130,000 Hamilton Transport Network Study would look at “the prioritisation of all transport modes within central Hamilton” and a review of heavy vehicle route options.

“While the Hamilton Structure Plan has sought to resolve an initial alignment for the alternative heavy vehicle route, further work is required to undertake a wholistic review of all transport modes within Hamilton,” she said.

“Hamilton is located at the junction of five state Roads including Glenelg Highway, Hamilton Highway, Henty Highway, Dartmoor-Hamilton Road and Port Fairy-Hamilton Road, which are important transport corridors for the region.

“Hamilton therefore plays a significant role servicing areas in the Central Highlands region, the Limestone Coast region and the Wimmera region.

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