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New police officer for Cavendish looking for a slower pace

CAVENDISH will be welcoming a new face to the role of its single-officer police station shortly, as leading senior constable, Paul McLean finalises preparations for settling into the town.

After more than three decades covering locations in Melbourne and Gippsland as well as overseas secondments and a valour award, he’s spent the last four years in Mortlake and was on the lookout for a slower-paced closing chapter to a fulfilling and eventful law enforcement career.

When the Cavendish position came up in November with the retirement of officer, Chris Faille, he recognised it as a great opportunity and discussed it with his wife, Narelle.

“We’ve actually been to Cavendish about four or five times before, enjoying the delights of the Bunyip Hotel,” Paul said.

“We knew how good the town was and we came over and met Chris - we spent a good half a day with him learning about the area – the wife and I decided that I’d put in for it.”

With the application coming through a few weeks later - “the best Christmas present I could’ve got” – he’s now only a week away from moving into the police residence.

For now, he’s been living out of the caravan behind the house as Victoria Police completes maintenance such as painting, carpets and curtains and he’s “looking forward to providing whatever policing service is needed in Cavendish and the surrounding areas”.

“It's a fantastic community,” Paul told The Spectator.

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