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Terry McDonnell calls time on used car business

TERRY McDonnell has put his “heart and soul” into his car sale business which he was forced to close due to the inability to source vehicles.

Mr McDonnell is well known in the local community, having been involved in the car industry for over 40 years, including running his own business.

“We’ve had to close because I can’t source cars at the standard that I want to sell them out at,” he told The Spectator.

He said the main reason for the closure was shortage of used cars, as well as the sharp increase in prices over the past 12-18 months.

“Prices have gone up by about 30 per cent, so it’s very hard when you are selling a car 12 or 18 months ago for $10,000 to now ask an extra $3000 on top of that,” he said.

Through his career he worked at several different car sale businesses, before starting his own.

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