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Angel Flight is here to help locals in need

ANGEL Flight has been changing the lives of country people for over 18 years and wants to continue to help people in the local region.

The charity has facilitated almost 50,000 flights since it began and has grown to have a team of 3000 pilots, 4500 volunteer drivers and 3200 registered health professionals.

It provides non-emergency transportation for country people that otherwise would be unable to access specialist medical treatment.

Angel Flight reimburses around one third of the flying costs to pilots who all use their own aircraft for flights.

Established in 2003, it helps people deal with bad health, poor finances and daunting distances without having to pay a cent.

Angel Flight chief executive, Marjorie Pagani said it was important for locals to know what help was available and how they could access it.

“We want to tell people we are here; we’ve got pilots who want to fly and help out people from these rural communities, Ms Pagani told The Spectator.

She said lots of people who lived in rural areas didn’t know this free service was available to make their lives and times of hardship easier.

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